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You don’t have to be a farmer to get a job in farming

farming jobsIt’s no secret. The number of self-employed ranchers and farmers in the United States is declining fast.

While that might seem like an ominous sign for a future career in agriculture, things aren’t all that bad. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. The number of jobs in the farming industry continues to grow and is expected to grow well into the future.

The path to those jobs, however, is much different than that of a traditional farmer or rancher. Many rewarding and lucrative agricultural jobs these days require a formal education — usually a two- or four-year college degree.

Many universities and colleges offer degrees in the following agriculture areas:

  • Agricultural business
  • Agricultural economics
  • Agricultural chemicals
  • Agricultural engineering
  • Agricultural marketing
  • Agricultural systems management
  • Aniaml sciences
  • Food science
  • Livestock management
  • Soil management

Jobs one can get with upon earning these degrees include:

  • Agricultural engineer
  • Food scientist
  • Agricultural inspector
  • Arborist
  • Research manager
  • Botanist
  • Ranch manager
  • Soil engineer
  • Farm and land appraiser
  • College or organizational educator (teacher/professor)
  • Soil surveyor
  • Farm manager
  • Farm veterinarian
  • Tree surgeon
  • Turf specialist
  • Animal nutritionist
  • Business developer
  • Consultant
  • Realtor
  • Sales/public relations/marketing

These opportunities are merely a small sampling of job opportunities for one interested in farming and agriculture. For more information, reserach colleges and university near you that offer agricultural majors.

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