The Team

In September of 2008, 23 women from around the Commonwealth gathered at former Virginia Attorney General Mary Sue Terry’s farm in Patrick County. The focus of this group of high-powered, accomplished women was straight-forward: to recruit, support and elect Democratic women to ALL levels of elected office in the Commonwealth of Virginia. And the goal remains nothing less than to change the political landscape in Virginia, and the Nation.

Since its formation, The Farm Team has enjoyed success. (See Candidates.) We have worked together to provide key strategic advice to Democratic women candidates during the nomination process, the primaries and throughout the general election cycle. In many cases, our support and advice during a primary helped our women candidates gain the nomination AND get elected. In addition, key members of The Farm Team work with many of our endorsed candidates on important issues, messaging, debate preparation and general campaign strategy, and also organize events and fundraisers to help candidates expand their networks and raise campaign funds.

The Farm Team has expanded and enhanced its core group of Founding Members to create a Board of Directors of exemplary women, all of whom reflect the depth and breadth of talent, expertise and experience necessary to effect positive change. These are critical times to motivate and energize Democratic women to run for office, and to actively and emphatically support women candidates. It is the mission of The Farm Team to distinguish Democratic women as superior leaders, as visionaries and committed public servants who will work hard, create consensus, operate with common sense and lead the Commonwealth of Virginia ever forward.

We are honored to recognize The Farm Team’s Founding Members, Board of Directors, and to pay tribute to our original Organizing Committee:

Farm Team Founding Members

  • Former Attorney General Mary Sue Terry – Chair Emeritus
  • Susan Platt
  • Susan Swecker
  • Karen Schultz Ph.D.
  • The Honorable Kate Hanley

2014 Board of Directors

  • Sandra Brandt
  • Keyanna Conner
  • Cathy Danford
  • Annie Kasper
  • Delegate Jennifer McClellan
  • Maggi Luca
  • Karen Schultz

2008 Organizing Committee

  • Phyllis Ander (deceased)
  • Sandra Brandt
  • Paula Burnette
  • Julie Copeland
  • Linda Dagley (deceased)
  • Ruth Dickerson
  • Sylvia Ellis
  • Kate Hanley
  • Susan Hirschbiel
  • Lana Ingram
  • Carole Lieber
  • Gwen Mason
  • Lorene Martin (deceased)
  • Charlotte Moore
  • Susan Platt
  • Sally Ann Rodgers
  • Sue Rosenberg
  • Karen Schultz
  • Marj Signer
  • Margarette Smith
  • Susan Swecker
  • Jody Wagner
  • Louise Ware