Favola and McClellan: Cuccinelli’s ‘Fathers’ Rights’ Agenda Raises Red Flags for VA Women

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August 29, 2013

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Favola and McClellan: Cuccinelli’s ‘Fathers’ Rights’ Agenda Raises Red Flags for VA Women

Today the Washington Post revealed Ken Cuccinelli’s pattern of association with and support for Fathers’ Rights advocates whose agenda includes opposing domestic violence protections, reducing child support payments and making it harder for married couples to get divorced.

“Ken Cuccinelli’s relationship with Fathers’ Rights advocates and his repeated support for their agenda raises serious questions about the priorities he would bring with him to the Governor’s mansion,” said Delegate Jennifer McClellan. “Virginia needs leaders who will fight to reduce domestic violence, protect women’s rights and keep families safe and healthy. We can’t afford a Governor who refuses to support the Violence Against Women Act, wants to punish those trying to escape bad marriages in custody disputes, and stands alone in opposing keeping child support payments even with inflation.”

As the Post reports, Cuccinelli has personal relationships with leaders in a movement that “contends that men are frequently victimized by false allegations of domestic abuse.”

As a legislator and Attorney General he has also acted in line with the group’s agenda on multiple issues. As the Post reports, In 2005 “Cuccinelli offered a bill that would have made it so parents initiating a no-fault divorce could have that action counted against them ‘when deciding custody and visitation.’”

The next year he was the lone vote in the Virginia Senate against legislation that would have increased child support payments by tying them to inflation. And as Attorney General Cuccinelli was one of just 3 state attorneys general in the country to refuse to sign a letter urging congress to reauthorize the Violence Against Women Act, a vital piece of anti-domestic violence legislation that Fathers’ Rights groups oppose.

“Virginia women cannot trust Ken Cuccinelli,” said Virginia Senator Barbara Favola. “From injecting his extreme agenda into decisions that should be between a woman and her doctor, to standing on the sidelines in the fight against domestic violence and pushing other ‘Fathers’ Rights’ priorities, Cuccinelli always seems to come down on whichever side means less freedom, opportunity and security for Virginia women. He should explain these damaging new revelations right away.”




Washington Post: Cuccinelli’s Support for Fathers’ Rights Groups’ Agenda Illustrates How is Personal Agenda “Helped Shape His Political Career”


In August 2013, the Washington Post reported, “Cuccinelli’s support for aspects of the groups’ agenda illustrates how his personal and religious views have helped shape his political career and continue to affect it as he runs for governor against businessman Terry McAuliffe (D).” [Washington Post, 8/28/13]


American Coalition for Fathers and Children Executive Director: Cuccinelli is a “Strong Supporter”


In August 2013, the Washington Post reported, “’We support candidates who support the idea that children should have a full relationship with both of their parents, regardless of their present marital status,’ said Michael McCormick, executive director of the American Coalition for Fathers and Children. ‘I would say Ken Cuccinelli is a strong supporter of that particular premise.’” [Washington Post, 8/28/13]


ACFC: Cuccinelli Would Be “Receptive” to Agenda as Governor


In August 2013, the Washington Post reported, “McCormick said his group hopes to pass similar legislation across the country and ‘were Ken Cuccinelli to become the governor of Virginia, we believe he might well be receptive to signing it.’” [Washington Post,8/28/13]


Cuccinelli was the Lone Vote in the Senate Against Legislation to Keep Child Support in Line with Inflation—Fathers’ Rights Group Called Child Support “Punitive”


In August 2013, the Washington Post reported, “Cuccinelli also was the lone Senate vote against legislation to increase child support payments by tying them more closely to inflation. The 2006 measure passed 39-1, but stalled in the Virginia House of Delegates. Baskerville said the bill was an attempt to ‘railroad through higher child support, though it already is at punitive levels.’” [Washington Post, 8/28/13]





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  1. sabrina08-30-13

    That is strange, in Fairfax Couny Juvenille court on Jan 26 2010, Cuccinelli argued for the Mother to pay “above guideline child support” and for Mom (Grignol’s ex-wife) to have extremely limited access to her children and to pay “above guideline child support.” At that point, the Judge finally saw through the phony act and said, “let her be a parent”. Cuccinelli was trying to alienate mom from daughters.

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