Kathleen Murphy for Delegate, HD34

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murphy head2Hello, my name is Kathleen Murphy and I am the Democratic nominee for delegate running to represent the 34th district of Virginia including parts of McLean, Great Falls, and several precincts in Loudoun County.

As we celebrate our national day of independence, I am reminded of the principles that make our nation great: the strength of our character, the vitality of our communities, and the freedom to lead our lives as we choose. Virginia is a wonderful place to live and raise a family. I want to make sure that it is well governed and continues to be the best place for our children. I am running for delegate because I believe I can provide creative solutions to meet the challenges of Northern Virginia and ensure our continued prosperity.

Our current transportation system is broken.  The recent transportation bill is a substantial first step, but we need to guarantee wise implementation.  Our economy cannot grow without the support of a modern transit system.  Traffic congestion stifles business and harms our ability to expand our economic opportunities.  My opponent voted against this vital piece of legislation, hindering our future economic growth.  I will work to make sure our roads and bridges are updated so our commercial enterprises do not get stuck in traffic.

As a small business owner, I understand the need to expand economic opportunities.  It is up to us to make sure the next generation of employees possesses adequate skills to compete in a more demanding job market.  As your representative I will strive to provide our children with the training to meet the needs of the 21st century economy.  Education fosters the opportunities our community needs to succeed in the future.

Expanded opportunities must be matched with increased independence in our choices, particularly for women. As a mother of four daughters, I recognize the importance of securing privacy between a woman and her doctor.  It is my sincere belief the women in our state deserve access to important healthcare options and ought to keep medical decisions between them and their doctor. Protecting the health of women strengthens our economy as well as our communities.

Seizing these opportunities will help our communities grow stronger.  In order to strengthen our district, we must also make it safe.  Guns are part of our society, but we must promote safe practices.  Criminals who were able to obtain a gun illegally murdered my brother and I believe than no family should have to go through the suffering mine did.  Requiring background checks will promote safe gun ownership while allowing us to exercise our freedoms without fear.

I promise I will fight for the residents of my district everyday whether it is to shorten our commutes, preparing our children for the 21st century, a woman’s privacy, or protecting our safety with sensible legislation.  Please join us as we move Virginia forward.

I urge you to support me in November.  Visit www.kathleenmurphyfordelegate.com to learn more about my campaign.  You can also like me on facebook www.facebook.com/kathleenmurphyfordelegate and follow me on twitter @kmurphy4VA34.  Feel free to contact me at info@kathleenmurphyfordelegate.com or at (480) 227-4711.

Thank you for your commitment!  I look forward to meeting you all as I canvass around the district.

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