Wittman for Congress makes sexist remarks about female opponent, Krystal Ball

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Recently, a spokesperson for Congressman Rob Wittman of the 1st District of Virginia made a controversial statement about his opponent, Krystal Ball. In referring to Mrs. Ball, the Wittman campaign described her as “cute” stating, “As cute as our opponent may think she is…”

Today, Susan Platt, a founding member of The Farm Team said, “It is regrettable that Rob Wittman’s campaign feels it is acceptable to degrade the Democratic Nominee for Congress for the First Congressional, who happens to be a woman, in such a manner.”

Platt continued, “Krystal is running a smart, issue-oriented campaign and should be treated with respect. Not only is it disrespectful to Mrs. Ball, but to the many other women across Virginia who expect more from their elected officials. We hold our leaders to a higher standard. That’s why we’re supporting Krystal Ball for Congress.”

The comments were in response to a recent online video, www.ontheroadwithrob.com, where Congressman Rob Wittman is challenged on his voting record and his lack of accessibility to his constituents in the 1st district of VA.

The Farm Team is a grassroots organization established in 2008 to recruit, develop, and elect women to public office. More information about the organization can be found at www.farmteam.org.

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  1. Freddie07-21-10

    I wish I was cute too.

  2. Yakker09-11-10

    Please give me a break. “Cute” is NOT a sexist remark. You state that Wittman made it yet when I read the article it turns out he didn’t make it at all; it was somebody in the campagin committee.

    People today are waaaaayyyyy to (how shall I say?) sensitive. Grow up people. Get a life. There are a lot of sexist remarks I could come up with, but “cute” doesn’t even make the list.

  3. joe fish10-02-10

    GIVE ME A BREAK !!! What a stretch. Showed this to my wife and co-workers, they laughed. This is really taking a comment out of context. Seems the “farm team” is shoveling alot of manure. I have heard krystal ball speak and she to says one thing then sets out to do another. NO THANKS. I think we’ve all had enough of sssssstretching the truth. This is a prime reason the 1st district is not sending another liar to washington. – Joe

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